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Registration for STBW Futsal Academy
- Ages U8 to U16 Boys and Girls
Your team personalized winter training in Maryland or Virginia at your fingertips.
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Private or small group training in Maryland or Virginia.
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Soccer the Brazilian Way (STBW) trains youth players using the same South American training techniques that have produced some of the game's greatest and most skilled players. Our training methods focus on developing both individual and team skills.

As part of our winter program, we offer Futsal training. Futsal is FIFA's official indoor soccer. It differs from the type of indoor soccer traditionally played in this area because it is played without walls and with a smaller and reduced-bounce ball. Futsal can be played indoors or outdoors and is played on a court similar in size to a basketball court. Our training takes place indoors at the Lifetime Fitness facility in Centreville, Loudoun in VA, Freedom Center in Manassas, Xerox Center in Ashburn as well as many other locations.

Futsal -- with no walls and a smaller reduced-bounce ball -- demands quickness, vision and excellent ball skills from the player. There is no better way than Futsal to develop and hone these qualities in a youth player. All the great South American soccer players developed their awesome skills growing up playing Futsal. The top South American and European teams recognize this and have all incorporated Futsal into their training programs.

Our Futsal training focuses on developing superior ball skills, balance and spatial awareness -- the attributes of the complete player. We believe that our program of Futsal training is unique. We know of no other program in Northern Virginia offering the caliber of training provided by the STBW Futsal training program.

We can assure that the STBW Futsal training will improve the skills of each player, providing the foundation for future individual and team success in soccer. Our philosophy is that individual and team success in soccer is built upon a strong foundation of individual skills. Developing skilled and confident players is our goal and we believe that Futsal is one of our most valuable tools. I would encourage each of you to come out to see first hand what Futsal training is all about by coming to our Saturday or Sunday training sessions at any of our locations. Anyone interested can contact us at 301-996-4625 for times and directions.


Soccer the Brazilian Way (STBW)
clinics offer soccer players a chance to develop their skills in the "Brazilian Style" of soccer training. We offer 3-hour morning, evening and full-day camps and residential camps for boys and girls 8 to 18. Our low player-to-instructor ratio assures that all players receive individualized instruction at STBW clinics.
What are the advantages for choosing STBW ? STBW has a staff of top college and professional players with years of experience working with youth players at camps and clinics.
STBW Summer Camps are designed and run by Gustavo (Gus) Donolo, a former professional player who grew up and played professionally in the first divisions teams in both Brazil and Argentina. Players attending STBW camps are taught using the same South America training techniques that have produced some of the sport's greatest and most skilled players.
Our Clinics focus on developing individual skills; a crucial aspect of player's development that often receives insufficient attention during normal team training sessions. We emphasize ball control skills that provide the players the ability and confidence to play at their best.
Expert instruction from current and former professional soccer players highly skilled in the Brazilian Style of soccer.
A program of individual skill development that will improve the player's technique and confidence. Individualized attention through a low player-to-instructor ratio.
A challenging environment where players are encouraged to develop their fullest potential.
Playing at the highest level in soccer can only be reached through dedication and hard work.

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